Instructor: Aaron SIMS

Continuing his Tethered Islands series, Aaron Sims shares his techniques
for building a creature in ZBrush. Using ZSpheres to design the initial
body structure, Aaron develops the character from scratch. He then
demonstrates how to skin the ZSpheres and add details, color and lighting.
In XSI, Aaron discusses the basics of rigging, weighting, and animating the
imported creature from ZBrush. Finally he covers how to pose, light, and
render the creature in an XSI scene.

Over 5 1/2 hours of lecture.

Topics covered:

- ZSpheres
- Building a Creature Using ZSpheres
- Skinning ZSpheres and Adding Details
- Adding Alpha Textures and Color
- Basic Materials and Rendering
- Making Displacement Maps for XSI
- Basic Rigging, Weighting and Animating in XSI
- Rendering a Scene Using XSI